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Self-service movers are the way to go when you are looking to hire a moving company during your move without having to break the bank in the process. This is a brilliant way of saving money on your cost of moving without having to drive the actual truck all the way to your new home or place of work. This idea is quick simple and easy.

How it works is that you get into an arrangement with the moving company and they then drop off at your house the sizes and number of containers or crates that you will need to pack your household items. Often, the containers will be delivered in good time giving you all the time that you will need to do all you’re packing. Once the containers are in your possession, all you have to do in pack all your belongings properly, load them onto the containers and then lock them for safety reasons. The moving company then transports the goods to the new place or in cases where you have to wait between moves, they also offer storage facilities.

This mode of moving is cheaper than the traditional method because the packing and unloading your own goods saves on the money that would have otherwise been used to pay the movers to do this for you. This then results in a lower quotation from the mover. As always, it is important to compare prices from different movers and settle on the best and most convenient one. 
In the case of self – service movers, the prices that are charged will be based on the distance that the truck is likely to travel during the move and on the number of containers that you use to pack your goods or in some instances the amount of trailer space that your items occupy. 

Overall, the cost of self – service movers is much lower when compared against full – service movers or movingtruck rentals. Even though full – service movers offer a lot of convenience, the services that they offer can be quite expensive and may not be affordable to the majority. Moving truck rentals on the other hand look affordable at first glance but once the costs of gas, food, tolls and motels to rest in are factored in, then the costs could be staggering as well. Self – service movers are not only convenient but they are also quite affordable, it is therefore an option that any mover would want to explore. 

One of the biggest advantages that self – service moving offers is peace of mind. Having packed the items yourself, you can rest assured that you did your best to protect your valuables as opposed to leaving this is the hands of a total stranger. Always compare quotations from different movers and check on their reliability before settling on one. You should also ensure that the company has some insurance to cover your goods in case of any loss or damage to your property.

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